Zak Art

About Zak


I am Zak Trevett, I’m 15 years old and live in Poundbury, Dorchester, on the south coast of England with my dad, younger brother Kai and two awesome dogs called Oscar and Frank.  I have always loved drawing for as long as I can remember, and from an early age my parents knew this was something I was going to be great at!  But people first began to notice a real talent when I was just aged 6.  In an art lesson at the Prince of Wales First School, I was asked to draw a spider for a mini-beasts project. The detailed three-dimensional tarantula that I produced, simply blew my teachers away!


So who or what influences my art? Well my Dad has always been an extreme sports enthusiast, a total adrenaline junkie, so I guess it’s no surprise that action sports have become a passion for me, with skateboarding and surfing heavily influencing my work.  From age 8, I started reproducing some of my favourite graphics in homage to legendary skate and surf artists, the most iconic being Jim Phillips.  My mum subsequently decided to email Jim a couple of pieces of my artwork to gain his opinion and astonishingly he replied almost immediately, inviting us to visit him if we were ever in the USA.

A year later on a family holiday to California, Jim and his lovely wife Dolly welcomed us to their home in Santa Cruz.  It was amazing! Jim gave me the greatest thing an idol can give… he generously shared his time and knowledge and we spent an amazing 3 hours talking art.  After a quick drive across town, he also introduced us to his son, Jimbo Phillips, an incredibly talented artist in his own right and the same warm welcome was received from his family. I don’t think any of us slept that night, we were all buzzing! Whilst in Santa Cruz, Jim encouraged us to visit the factory where it all began for him. We were then given a personal tour of the factory by Keith Wilson.

Our 2010 holiday really was a trip of a lifetime. By sheer coincidence, opportunities also arose to meet my other idols as we travelled around California, including Rob Roskopp, Steve Van Doren and Jeff Grosso. We were so incredibly lucky – we were literally in the right place at the right time.  Since our 2010 holiday, Jim and I have remained in contact, with him acting as a mentor to my art.   His guidance and tips are invaluable and I cannot thank him enough for his support and encouragement – he is literally my hero!


What is my preferred style and medium?  Well I like to work ‘old school’ and over the past four years, I have moved from pencil sketches to coloured works of art, trying different mediums to find one that suits me best. I must acknowledge, Drew Brophy, who via his videos has introduced me to Posca Paint Pens, which alongside airbrushing, I now use to create my own original artwork.  I am fascinated by fish, sea creatures, monsters, aliens and dragons, some of which have inspired my first three original pieces, entitled ‘ The Water Trilogy’.


But basically I just love to draw!