Zak Art

DMS Commission – Seafood Aquarium

My work starts with a simple pencil sketch on a piece of A4 paper. I get my ideas down, show it to the client, gain their approval and then move to working on the canvas.


Seafood Aquarium Sketch

DAY 2 – 3

Using some basic gridlines, enables me to upscale the design.

Seafood Aquarium Drawing on Canvas


Next comes masking-up, to allow me to airbrush the background without covering the design.  Time consuming…much harder work than drawing it!

Seafood Aquarium Masking Up

Out with the airbrush…my one can be temperamental… so patience is required on my part and my Mums as this is always done on the kitchen floor!

Seafood Aquarium Airbrush 1

Gradually working in layers to get the shading right, the background is completed.  The masking is removed and its Posca time!

Seafood Aquarium Background Complete


Time to bring the shark to life!


The grey paint runs out… put a hold on doing the shark, but have been dying to colour the newly named Billie the Fish.


Can’t stop now need to add the black lines and detail, my favourite bit!

Add the black lines

Billie is complete!



Usually I would complete the painting just using Posca Pens, however due to the sheer size of the canvas I decided to airbrush the remaining background. So a lot more masking-up but I am really happy with the result.

Day 6


The right hand side of the canvas begins to take shape.

Introducing Keith

It was time to give Billie a crazy fishy friend.  Introducing Keith having a bit of a struggle with the Octopus!


Seafood Aquarium

DAY  8

Shark is finished…with plants and drop-off taking shape.

Seafood Aquarium Complete Shark


Few days out to deal with homework and Bonfire night celebrations and then back to the painting.

Seafood Aquarium

DAY 10

Introducing Colin the Clownfish and Norman the Hermit crab.

Colin and Norman

And finally today… the Brain coral.  Nightmare to get the right perspective!

Seafood Aquarium 10

DAY 11

With a few days out to deal with homework and enjoy my birthday and with the addition of Wilson,


fishbones and colour added to the Angelfish the commissioned ‘Seafood Aquarium’ is now complete!

Seafood Aquarium Complete